Pavlova Mango & Potionfruit & Apple Marmalade Recipe

WINTER PAVLOVA Mango & passionfruit & apple marmalade

Mango & Potionfruit & Apple Marmalade

WINTER PAVLOVA Mango & passionfruit & apple marmalade

For the meringue:

6 egg whites

300g cane sugar

For the chantilly creme:

400 ml Whipping cream

40g powder sugar

1 mango, 3 passionfruits, apple marmelade (optional)

Method Mango & Potionfruit & Apple Marmalade

Beat the egg whites until almost firm and then add little by little the sugar.

(Ideally, you shouldn't feel sugar grains in the mixture between two fingers)

Put in a preheated oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 50 min to an hour depending on your hoven.

For the chantilly, use a bowl that you would have put I the freezer, then take it out when it's cold and beat the liquid cream adding slowly the powder sugar. As soon as it's firm enough for you to be able of turning the bowl without the cream moving it's done (don't overbeat it, it will taste like butter).

At the moment of serving, put the whipped cream on the meringue base, add the mango cuts and the passion fruit. (I added some homemade apple/cinnamon Marmelade cauSe the mango was not very sweet.)