Baby Rose is eating chicken every day, do you know the result?

Some people eat chicken every day. But is eating chicken or chicken every day good for health? Let's find out.

 Weight gain

 It is important to see how the chicken is being eaten. There is no harm in eating thin chicken broth, boiled chicken, grilled chicken. But foods like chicken biryani, chili chicken, chicken pressure or chicken nuggets are not good to eat every day. The amount of oil and spices that are added to it, can easily increase the weight of children by playing more. Being overweight increases the risk of developing obesity in children later in life.


 Like red meat, chicken does not have a high risk of cholesterol. But eating a delicious meal of cheese and chicken, chicken pizza, chicken burger or deep-fried chicken can increase the cholesterol in adults. Cholesterol can be detected at an early age if young children eat such food regularly for a long time. So you need to be careful from the beginning.

Warms the body

Some foods make the body warm. Especially in hot weather, if the child sniffs frequently, then it is necessary to stop eating chicken for a few days. Many times playing chicken every day can cause body heat.